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If you’re famu17 let us join together.

Pretty things. Packing for college <3






I’d like to correct this:

“God, send us someone to cure AIDS, cancer, etc., etc.”

“I did, but you gave them a substandard education because they lived in an area with poor funding due to low property taxes.  

I did, but you let them die because they couldn’t afford healthcare.  

I did, but due to racism you stomped out their potential and didn’t give them the same opportunities.  

I did, but you make a college education too unaffordable while giving the big bankers passes.

I did, but you saw a homeless youth before you saw a kid with potential.  

I did, but you kicked the downtrodden while they were already shoulder deep in sinking sand.”

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I did, but you forced her to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term, forcing her to become a single mother with limited income, having to sacrifice her college dreams in order to provide for her unwanted child.

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These comments are perfect.

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Woooork. Every day. Every damn day.

Standing in the checkout line and the man behind me curiously glances at my basket and asks me how “meaty” my veggie burger is.

I need cool cheap online places to shop for vintage or grunge inspired clothes.


Meat free orange “chicken”. Pretty fantastic.

Vegetarian general tso chicken.

Lets do this.